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about this book:

This bookwork was developed for contribution to the Floating Library events on Lake Phelan in St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. in July/August of 2016. The main text of 'tingFloa tingsWri', as its name suggests, followed on from my work in previous books such as Jectory Tra, in which words are split and reassembled along the syllable line, in an otherwise eccentric, poetic system of organisation. Words used were inspired by the lake experience.

This publication had two incarnations:
1./ one soluble form of the main text of the work, which was dissolved during the days featuring the Library on Lake Phelan (one copy)
2./ three printed (durable) versions of the main text, with accompanying material, which were submitted to the library for lending/reading.

'tingFloa tingsWri' extends the idea of a 'thrown text' in that form 1 was literally thrown and dissolved, whereas form 2 was kept (but 'thown' in the sense that the activities of the library exposed the books to water and other (desirable) hazards). Copies of this work are now available for sale to the general public in a limited edition.
tingFloa tingsWri by Paul Ramsay

Thrown Texts Series 004

Alembic 13HI:
ISBN 978-1-873396-46-9
84 pages, b&w,
colour cover

£ p.o.a.

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bookwork - Alembic 13:
tingFloa tingsWri
by Paul Ramsay
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