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A Book of Hot Coals
Paul Ramsay

A Book of Hot Coals is Alembic Books first non-paper book in the form of a LECTRA or electronic artwork - it is a LectraBook.

A meditation on guilt and shame, the influences on Hot Coals include earlier, print books on morality, especially from the Victorian era, imagist poetry and postmodern ideas about reading.

A flickering, indeterminate read for a dark room with a brandy balloon...
lectra (electronic artwork)
Alembic 8L: ISBN 978-1-873396-30-8
a book in sound and light
MAC and PC
this book is currently in production and due for release Autumn 2017
email if you are interested in this bookwork at:
Release date: Autumn 2017
LECTRA bookwork series 001
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