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A Book Dipped Into Two Lakes


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This bookwork was proposed and accepted for the Floating Library events on Silver Lake in Silverwood Park, St. Anthony, Minnesota, U.S.A. in July/August of 2015.

A Book Dipped Into Two Lakes by Paul Ramsay

Thrown Texts Series 003

Copies of 'A BOOK DIPPED INTO TWO LAKES' were dipped into Meldon Reservoir Lake in Dartmoor, England on July 2015, with this event being witnessed by artist Steve Thorpe.
These books were then posted to the organisers for use in the Floating Library where they were subject to contact with the water of Silver Lake as the books were borrowed—so that the readers fulfilled the title.

Two of the six books have been kept by the Floating Library and the remaining four returned to the UK to be placed in Plymouth University library and other archives (including my own).
Floating Library 2015

Poet-in-residence Steve Healey and Floating Library founder Sarah Peters witness and dunk the 6 editions of A Book Dipped in Two Lakes.

For images and decription of the second dipping see:

The Floating Library is a project run by artist and writer Sarah Peters. A Coffee House Press interview with Sarah by poet in residence Steve Healey gives further insight into this 'library for boaters'.

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ISBN 978-1-873396-45-2
84 pages, b&w,
colour cover

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bookwork - Alembic 12:
A Book Dipped Into Two Lakes
by Paul Ramsay
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