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The first Alembic Books release in Summer 2013 took the form of an
Alembic Quartet:
· Alembic 1: POSITIONS
· Alembic 2: 82 scores (for music)
· Alembic 3: POEMS and other insects and other poems
· Alembic 4: Jectory Tra

Followed by:
· Alembic 5: (tra ex) Jectories Tra
· Alembic 6: The Crimson Full Stops
· Alembic 7: KHARTOUN

All titles are available to buy in paperback and hardback versions.
See the catalogue - all current books page for details, links to previews and how to order...

In addition to these commercial print book releases, Alembic also has plans for more thrown texts, computer-based books such as 'A Book Of Hot Coals and has taken part in the Floating Library project with 'A Book Dipped Into Two Lakes' (2015) - a non-commercial work that has now been documented and archived - and 'tingFloa tingsWri' (2016).

Titles in development include:
GAMBLE · how to make paintings with fruit, salt and chance
MAAKOF · a Parallel Music handbook
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