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82 scores
(for music)


about this book:

Invent two musics that,
when added together,
change their colour. 49

82 scores is an assembly of written directives for the generation of music.
A distillation of ideas influenced by the recording studio, the album, music improvisation and radical texts, this bookwork offers a thinking space for the musician and non-musician alike.

82 scores (for music)by Paul Ramsay
Score Series 001
Alembic 2:
ISBN 978-1-873396-12-4
152 pages, b&w,
colour cover, 5x8 ins

£15 (inc p&p)

Alembic 2H:
ISBN 978-1-873396-18-6
152 pages, b&w/colour,
colour cover, 5x8 ins
£25 (inc p&p)
Release date:
bookwork - Alembic 2:
82 scores (for music) by Paul Ramsay
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