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Alembic Books is a small, independent imprint created by artist Paul Ramsay to publish limited editions of original works. The first editions of the Alembic catalogue were made and sold between 1990-4; revised editions, as well as new and unreleased works, are now being published via Chameleon Lectra.

The Alembic catalogue is building to include a collection of bookworks on a range of topics in a variety of media. Books are available in paperback and hardback versions, with eBooks, box sets and special editions also being planned –see the catalogue page for a full list of Alembic publications.

• More books in preparation: 'Walks Into A Bar' (another mourHu publication) and 'Cut A Hole In The Rain' (new poetry collection) to be published 2024.

A catalogue of 'the Leaves are full of Paintings' painting exhibition, was published April 2023 and is available to buy

• Developments are underway for a second edition of 'A Book Thrown Into The Sea'.

• A book of flora photographs: 'Flower Walks' is currently being edited.
Paul Ramsay: talk about artwork at St Thomas library
library poster
On Thursday 13th July, PR gave a talk about his artwork (including the making of a new piece 'Bad Jazz Hat', the Thown Texts series and exhibition work inspired by The Birdhouse cafe and its surroundings in Pinces Park).

St Thomas Library
Thursday 13th July 2023
7 - 8pm
£2 (refreshments provided)

St Thomas Library
35 Church Road,
St Thomas,
Exeter EX2 9AZ
Tel: 01392 407061
'The Leaves are full of Paintings'
Painting image: 'Small Map Piece' (2023) by Paul Ramsay
an exhibition of artwork by Paul Ramsay
14th, 15th & 16th April 2023
Fri: 8am - 2pm, Sat & Sun: 9am - 3pm

Art + Coffee at:
The Birdhouse,
(the old gatehouse)
Pinces Park,
St Thomas,
Exeter EX2 9EN

A catalogue of this show, published by Alembic Books, is available to buy

29th Sept–1st Oct 2017
at Falmouth Art Gallery, Municipal Buildings, The Moor, Falmouth, Cornwall UK
(with David Dellafiora, Field Study)
11th and 12th April 2015 at Arnolfini, Bristol, UK.
• Counter Plymouth book fair
Sunday 19th October 2014 at Plymouth Art Centre, Devon, UK
FOMO poster

FOMO: Falmouth Art Publishing Fair (2017)

• After the success of 2015s thrown text entitled 'A Book Dipped Into Two Lakes', Alembic Books created a new dissolvable bookwork 'tingFloa tingsWri' which was used/displayed at the 2016 Floating Library events on Lake Phelan.
Books being dipped in Meldon Reservoir (2015)

Books being dipped into the first lake - Meldon reservoir, Devon (2015)
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