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A Book Thrown Into The Sea


about the first edition of this book:

On July 3rd 1991, twenty copies of the Alembic title: A BOOK THROWN INTO THE SEA were indeed thrown into the sea, off the coast of Brighton, East Sussex, in the UK.

Where possible, the books were then retrieved and left to dry.

A second edition is currently being planned for release in 2020
A Book Thrown Into The Sea by Paul Ramsay
Thrown Texts Series 001
further notes
Map of where A Book Thrown Into The Sea was thrown

X marks the spot where the books were thrown (from a map included within the text).

This action was witnessed by Chris Speed (a fellow student attending Brighton Polytechnic at the time) who signed the surviving copies to that effect.

These books were then added to the Alembic canon and sold; a few remain in my possession as examples of the very first Alembic thrown text.

Alembic 10:
ISBN 1-873396-07-4
36 pages, b&w,
colour softcover, A5

£ p.o.a.

Release date:
bookwork - Alembic 10:
by Paul Ramsay
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