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POEMS and other insects
and other poems
Paul Ramsay

· A book of 46 poems, many drawing on the idea of 'small looking'.

A fusion of writings on insects, records, ambiguous love and foodstuffs, this book includes 'Poems and other insects' from 1992 and 'more poems 12': a contemporary collection of reworked and new poems ·

Alembic 3: ISBN 978-1-873396-14-8
116 pages, b&w, colour cover, 5x8 ins
Alembic 3H: ISBN 978-1-873396-20-9
116 pages, b&w/colour on white paper, colour cover, 5x8 ins
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(23 of 116 pages of the paperback version)
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Release date: 31st July 2013
Poetry Collection 001
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